Here you will find my ramblings on various items from the abstract thoughts i encounter to the specific info on Swimming, Biking and Running.  

The Boiling Frog

There is a parable of the Boiling Frog that describes how many of us have arrived at the position we are in.  The premise is that when change is managed in small incremental steps it becomes a more natural journey to transformation. Compare that to the approach of just jumping 100% into something, especially in Triathlon or distance running.  If you are training for a 1/2 iron triathlon or a Full marathon with no previous experience, you don't start day 1 of training with 50 mile bike ride or a 20 mile run.  

A fellow Metro Miler recently completed a 6 hour timed endurance run.  Complimenting her on the achievement, I noted how remarkable it was and that I didn't understand how a person could accomplish such a task.  Her response hit home and pretty much sums things up.   She said "You just finished a Marathon, this was just a few hours more"...... and that is how the craziness begins

Gear category

Here you will find information about equipment I have used.  I hope to make this a good source of information for those with questions about anything from swim goggles to Triathlon bikes. 



Week 2 of training Kicked off with a swim workout and then Swimmers Yoga. I have wanted to incorporate Yoga into my training so I was excited to see this on my plan.

My Winter break is over, time to get back to work.  My training this year is focused on my “A” race, IRONMAN Wisconsin in September.  There are 243 days until this event.  Time to get busy.

Welcome 2017!  It is known that one should look back, reflect and take note of lessons learned.   It’s how one grows as a person, in business and in sport.

The Ironman Ohio 70.3 bike course has been published.  Elevation info from a mapmyride route.